Rapper guide

Best rapper or mc guide ever.

Learn the basics, make practice and become a master.


1. Be real.

2. Don’t limit yourself.

3. Read books

4. Keep rapping and rapping and rapping in your head.

5. You should fast as possible, start to make practice with freestyle.

6. Take care about your lyrics, world delivery and flow.

7. Get rhymes to the next level, analyze your lyrics under a microscope.

8. Take constructive criticism.

9. Make your vocal sound good with instrumental.

10.  Spend some time breaking down each section of the song you’re listening to so you can more easily figure out the instrumental structure.

11. Be able to count beats, this is the foundation you will be building everything else off of.

Your rap skills will benefit greatly once you’re able to identify the kick and snare drums as they will help keep you on beat.

12. Listen, listen, listen to artists that you like.

13. Try to pay close attention to all the specifics of their flow… the cadence, the breath control, pauses.

14. Listen back to your stuff a lot and just keep trying to one-up yourself every time you lay something down.


  • get solid flows, even if gibberish words.

  • get solid flows with 1 syllable rhymes

  • get solid flows with 1 syllable rhymes alternate the end rhyme at the end of each line. (ABABAB)

  • get solid flows with 2+ syllable rhymes

  • get solid flows with 3+ rhyming vowels (aka a pattern something like ABCBCA)